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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Living without walls project

This is not an advertisement for studio apartments. It is also not a movement for desert survival. It is however a way of thinking, a way of acting/reacting, and finally a way of celebrating ourselves.

There are whole movements dedicated to locking away things, hiding what we find ugly about ourselves, inclusive thinking that always begins each sentence with "I".

These movements are as hidden as their designers. The world tells you not to say something because someone could take it the wrong way. It tells you the sixties were full of hippie dippy idiots that couldn't handle the real world. The flaw in that logic is feeling the need to impress anyone. The world is what people make it. An easy test to tell if someone is trying to control how and what you think is the use of fear. Fear of the newest boogeyman to bring back the gray world created by political and corporate groups. Fear is great for business. It drives people to shop in order to feel a little better about the economy box we happily stuffed our lives into to make room for the next McMansion.

Living Without Walls means thriving, not just surviving. Recognizing beauty in the smallest wonders. recognizing we only have a short window of time to enjoy it and working for a retirement that may never come is not the best way to do it.

Living Without Walls means finding what you love and doing it with all of your heart. You may have to work the box job to get where you are trying to reach, LWW does not equal denial of the real world, LWW is knowing goals big and small are obtainable.

If travel is your biggest desire, then find a way to structure your life to maximize traveling.
If family is your biggest dream, then find ways to add more family to your family time. Don't be afraid to look outside your bloodline, some of my favorite family members aren't even from the same country let alone the same genes.
No matter what your dreams are, create an environment that clears the path for it.

Living Without Walls is only a tool. You are in charge of which walls you need to tear down.

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